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Cafe & Restaurant Consultation

At JOCcooks, my passion for food goes beyond cooking. I also offer consultation services for cafes and restaurants. I bring innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to help your establishment thrive. My approach is tailored to each client, and I work closely with you every step of the way.



  • Fitout & Kitchen Guidance

  • Menu Design

    • Maximise Profits​

    • Minimise Waste

    • Grow Categories

John was able to save a company purchasing  €3 million + / year in the region of €400k / year through smarter buying.

John was able to cut products on a bread shift for a bakery chain where there were very wasteful product lines through an Enterprise Ireland Lean Manufacturing program.

John improved kitchen flow through upgrading kitchen equipment in a large food production facility. This enabled more batch cooking which allowed the company to cut down days they cooked certain products and required 7 less staff to run the kitchen with a saving of €140k/year on labour alone.

John was able to create revenue streams for a cafe / bakery chain through recipe development in areas of coffee, breakfast, healthier eating-breakfast, vegan, & vegetarian, cold drinks-ice coffees and smoothies that added €15k+ / week.

John was able to help a cafe / bakery chain with instore marketing activity, digital marketing, ecommerce-€10k+ / month, menu design and shop fit out layout.

John was able to help a cafe / bakery chain by looking at their coffee offering and renegotiating their coffee wholesale price saving them €60k / year on coffee whole bean pricing. They were also using older coffee machinery such as traditional inefficient bulk dosing grinders. This meant the shop was losing less excess coffee grinds on each site daily which helped enable savings further. The on-demand grinders enabled a faster, more efficient and consistent coffee being served to the end consumer. John also looked at older coffee machines on the sites and renegotiated terms for newer machines moving forward. This helped to significantly increase coffee revenue on sites moving forward. John was also able to help with their hot drink offering and introduced ice coffee and smoothies which helped increase revenue and attract new customers.

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