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Neapolitan Pizza


I source the freshest local (where possible) Irish and Italian Ingredients. My specialised oven burns at up to 500 degrees cooking your pizza within sixty to ninety seconds. I use a 72 hour fermentation process on my dough to give a light and crispy base that combines rich flavours with an authentic Italian restaurant taste. My menu is varied to suit all tastes and we can cater for everyone from vegetarian’s s to spicy pizza fans and of course meat lovers. 

I can cater for events such as birthday parties, summer soirées, wedding after parties, and general get togethers. 

I'm available to do pizza evenings where I can teach you and a small group how to perfect your pizza making skills and do some wine tasting.

I'm also available to show you how to use Ooni or Gozney pizza oven(s) in a professional manner and avoid numerous catastrophes that happen many people when starting out. 

Neapolitan Pizza
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