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Complementary Services

Cooking Lessons

Enjoy your time learning from John and cooking up some

delicious dishes. 


Experience the art of BBQ cooking from the expert pitmaster, John, in a hands-on BBQ cookery lessons. 


Unlock the secrets of the perfect pizza with John's Cookery Lessons. Learn the history of pizza and the art of making dough, as well as the techniques to add the perfect amount of sauce, cheese and toppings. Lessons are fun, interactive and hands-on, so you can become a pizza making pro in no time. 

Elegant Restaurant Design

Are you ready to take your restaurant or cafe to the next level? Consultation services, led by industry expert John, can help. With personalized advice and tailored solutions, I can help improve your menu, operations and marketing strategies. Let me help you achieve your business goals and ensure success in a competitive market.

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